Robert Sorby 5 Piece Micro Turning Set

  • Item Code: 200236
  • Shipping Weight: 363g
  • Brand: Robert Sorby


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This beautifully balanced system is ideal for those who work primarily on mini or midi lathes or those who specialise in miniature pieces. The system is centred on the beautifully engineered burgundy anodised aluminium handle.

The 5 piece micro turning set is excellent for turning a wide range of miniature projects such as pens, finials, small bowls, goblets, jewellery and small decorative pieces.

This set contains:
Micro Aluminium Handle - Modular system allows many different tools to be fitted
Micro Gouge 1/2" (13mm) - For roughing down and basic shaping
Micro Spindle Gouge 1/4" (6mm) - For detailed shaping
Micro Skew Chisel 1/4" (6mm) - Used to create a smooth finish and add fine detail.
Micro Beading & Parting Tool 5/32" (4mm) - For detailing and parting off
Micro Round Nose Scraper 1/4" (6mm) - Used to create smooth flowing curves

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