Acrylic Blank Mixed Pack - Black Swirl

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Kirinite acrylic is a cast thermoset acrylic resin based material, which is used extensively for writing instruments, fashion accessories and interior design. It has been specially created to be harder wearing and more durable than other resin-based products. This makes it suitable for high impact and practical applications, such as knife handles and handgun grips.

This material can be turned/machined on hand and CNC lathes as well as being milled, drilled and laser cut. It is moisture resistant and possesses a dense pigment in order to prevent colour fading over time.

High quality acrylic turning blanks available in a range of vibrant colours. Easy to turn and finish to a high shine. Each blank is approx. 20mm x 20mm x 150mm and has a unique appearance.

This pack contains the following Kirinite acrylic blanks: Liquid Gold, Toxic Orange, Toxic Green, Bengal Tiger and Purple Haze.

Hints & Tips

  • Always take shallow cuts with sharp tools
  • To prevent chipping whilst turning use a negative rake scraper
  • Drill at a slow speed and avoid overheating when polishing
  • To achieve a glass like finish sand with Abralon sanding pads and finish with Chestnut Burnishing Cream
  • Colt pen drills are ideal for drilling acrylic pen blanks
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