Charnwood 1624V Lathe, Nexus3 Chuck & Extension (Package Deal)

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Package Deal Includes:  Charnwood 1624V Variable Speed Floorstanding Lathe & Nexus3 Woodturning Chuck 95mm


Charnwood 1624V Variable Speed Floorstanding Lathe

A heavy duty floor standing lathe with all the features of a professional machine.

  • Electronic Variable Speed Control
  • Digital Speed Read Out
  • 3 Phase Motor with Inverter
  • 1500w (2hp) Motor
  • Forward & Reverse Direction
  • High Quality Drive and Tail Centre
  • Cam Action Tool Rest Banjo
  • Hollow Head and Tail Stock
  • Built In 36 Position Indexing
  • Cast Iron Floor Stand

Power is supplied to the lathe through a standard 240v plug. An inverter then converts to 3 phase electricity to feed the motor. The advantage of this system is to allow very fine control of the rotation speed and keep the same high level or torque, even at the lowest speed of just 100rpm. A digital display gives an accurate speed reading at all times.

The headstock on this lathe can be positioned anywhere along the length of the bed and rotated around to any angle, so that a convenient position can always be found for any bowl turning project. The Tool rest has an extension arm and can be positioned on either side of the headstock. You can therefore turn bowls in 2 different ways: over the bed or in front of the bed.    

All three elements: headstock, tool rest & tailstock, slide along the bed and are locked into place with a strong cam lock lever, fitted with a comfort grip.  

The cast iron floor stand ensures vibration free running, has brackets should you wish to attach a storage shelf, and has floor fixing points. There is also a tool storage rack to keep all the accessories handy and ready to use.

Supplied with drive centre, tail centre, 150mm diameter faceplate, knock out bar, floor stand, cable and plug.


Max. spindle length (without centres) 690mm (27")
Max. spindle length (with centres fitted) 580mm (23")
Distance over bed (Max. bowl diameter) 400mm (16")
Distance over tool rest 310mm  (12")
Tool rest length 225mm (9")
Tool rest stem diameter 25mm
Motor (3 phase induction) 1500w (2hp), 415v
Speed range 100 - 3000rpm
Spindle thread size M33 x 3.5
Spindle tapers MT2
No. of indexing positions 36 (every 10 degrees)
Hollow headstock diameter 10mm 
Hollow tailstock diameter 10mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1400 x 500 x 1200mm
Weight 132kg
Rating Light Trade


The optional extension bed can be used to further increase the capacity of the lathe. It can be mounted in 2 ways:
For spindles, In line mounting extends the maximum spindle length to 1150mm (46")
For bowls, Leg mounting allows clearance for bowls of up to 700mm (28") diameter


Nexus3 Woodturning Chuck 95mm

Nexus3 which has a jaw mounting compatible with Supernova, G3 Nova and Robert Sorby Patriot Jaws. This will be of particular interest to any owners of those chucks looking for a second chuck and wanting to be able to continue using any jaws they already own.

A 95mm diameter scroll chuck, with the jaws adjusted by a geared mechanism for simple one handed operation. Self centring, high precision design. The fully enclosed body of the chuck prevents dust and chips from getting inside and plugging up the teeth of the gear mechanism. Ideal for Midi sized lathes and upwards. The standard dovetail jaws can grip the workpiece both internally or externally depending on the style and shape of the piece to be turned. The chuck fits directly onto lathes with headstock thread size of M33 x 3.5tpi. For other thread sizes, an optional insert is required. We also include a wood screw which clamps into the centre of the chuck for the initial mounting of bowl blanks.

Supplied with standard dovetail jaws, wood screw, T-bar for locking the jaws and T-handled hex key for swapping the jaws. We have an extensive range of optional jaws and accessories available for the Nexus3 chuck.


Direct Mounting Thread M33 x 3.5
Chuck Body Diameter 95mm
Standard Jaws Expand from 53mm to 80mm
Standard Jaws Contract from 68mm to 41mm
Jaw Travel 27mm 
Thread Depth 30mm
Weight 2165g


Charnwood Bed Extension for 1624V Lathe

Cast iron Extension bed for the Charnwood 1624V Floorstanding Variable Speed lathe.

This optional extension bed can be used to further increase the capacity of the lathe. It can be mounted in 2 ways.

For spindles: In line mounting extends the maximum spindle length to 1150mm (46"). Bolted directly onto the right hand end of the main bed, allows the tailstock and tool rest to slide onto the extension bed.

For bowls, Leg mounting allows clearance for bowls of up to 700mm (28") diameter. The extension bed is bolted onto the cast iron leg allowing clearance for larger diameter bowls. Can be mounted on to the left or right hand end depending on your workshop setup. Supplied with a tool rest stem extension.


Delivered direct from the UK distributor. Usually delivered within 1 - 2 working days.
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