Nova Galaxi DVR 1624-44 Woodturning Lathe with Stand

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This lathe combines the best features of larger lathes – power, capacity and capability with state of the art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer. The NOVA Galaxi DVR™ is the most versatile lathe on the market; it includes a swivelling head and a cast iron stand as standard. It combines proven technology with cutting edge features. Able to handle a wide range of work from very small pens to large 29″/750mm bowls and long spindle work (using optional Outrigger accessory). Using the unique DVR™ technology, the direct drive motor is incredibly smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate. The Nova DVR™ series are the only smart lathes on the market, the ONLY lathes to feature intelligent adaptive control™ software that works for the turner to produce optimum turning conditions for your specific projects.

The NOVA DVR lathes are unique. The build incorporates the motor into the headstock; the spindle and motor form one unit. The motor design makes it highly reliable and practically maintenance free. The DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) motor uses smart motor technology to provide an incredibly smooth and powerful drive. Click here for more information on the Nova Galaxi DVR Motor.

The controller constantly monitors the spindle and maintains speed, increasing power as it senses extra load from the tool.The 1,305W(1.75hp) DVR motor features chisel dig-in safety sensing and out of balance work adjustment. It has a wide speed range, from a very low 100rpm right up to 5,000rpm. It features easy-to-use dial-in speed control (up to five favourite speeds), making it the perfect solution for turning small pens or large bowls.

The NOVA Galaxi DVR offers 405mm(16") swing capacity (expandable to 735mm(29") capacity with the optional outrigger accessory) and 1,115mm(44") between centres. The headstock can slide along the bed to provide a maximum bowl turning capacity from the end of the bed. It includes a forward and reverse feature. Full swivel head functionality and solid cast iron components.

Supplied with cast iron stand, 150mm(6") faceplate, 300mm(12") toolrest, 2MT live centre, 2MT spur centre, knock-out bar and manual.

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