Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench

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• Sturdy under frame from Scandinavian pine
• Hard Nordic birch top built to last
• Double row of dog holes from each vice location
• Steel vice spindles, up to 1300kp force
• 4 vice mounting locations
• Suitable for right-handed or left-handed people
• Supplied as standard with 4 bench dogs and 2 vices

The sturdy under frame is made from Scandinavian pine and with the hard Nordic birch top the bench is built to last a lifetime of normal use. A double row of 19mm (3/4") dog holes run from each of the four vice locations, giving an endless opportunity to clamp your work. There are four mounting locations for the vices allowing you to configure the vices to best suit your working preference. Both vices can be mounted on the front for heavy-duty clamping or one at either end for clamping in two positions and maximum clamping distance. The Nordic bench is equally suited to right-handed people and left-handed people. 4 steel bench dogs are supplied as standard with a plastic coating that helps protect edge tools. The bench dogs are reversible for thin work pieces. Nordic benches can also be fitted with the accessory cupboard and drawer kit. Optional Holdfasts are available which can be located in any of the dog holes on the worktop or in the holes on the front legs. Worktop area: 1340 x 500mm. Overall dimensions: 1470mm(L) x 630mm(W) x 860mm(H).

Sjobergs benches are kiln dried to 8% moisture content. If your workshop is not a humidity controlled environment and can exceed 75% air humidity we recommend sealing the bench with 2 or 3 coats of finishing oil on the top, underside and dog holes. This treatment should be maintained from time to time.

Sjöbergs workbenches come with a 10 year guarantee and are marked with their official brand - a sign that you are buying a workbench that keeps its promises.

Delivered direct from the UK distributor. Usually delivered within 2 - 5 working days.

This item is supplied flat packed for transportation. Requires some assembly before use.


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