Titebond Original Wood Glue - 473ml

  • Item Code: 202112
  • Shipping Weight: 550g
  • Brand: Titebond


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• Type - Aliphatic Resin
• Interior use only
• Initial Tack time 30 mins
• Fast set - shortens clamp time
• Bonds stronger than wood
• Excellent heat and solvent-resistance
• Excellent sandability
• Unaffected by finishes
• Versatile - bonds wood, hardboard, high pressure laminates and particleboard
• Easy clean up with water
• Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Titebond Original is the best glue we have used with biscuit joints, providing strong initial tack with fast setting time to help minimise clamping time. This aliphatic resin is becoming very popular with joiners, carpenters and cabinetmakers alike, excess glue can be easily cleaned off with just a damp rag!
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