Peter Child Artist's Pyrography Pen Splitter

  • Item Code: 211086
  • Shipping Weight: 630g
  • Brand: Peter Child


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  • Keep two pens hot ready to use
  • Quickly and safely switch between pens
  • Safely stow two pens in built in cradles
  • Allows a second person to use another pen simultaneously
  • Small compact design
  • Robust and sturdy build
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty

Used in conjunction with the Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine the Pyrography Pen Splitter allows users to simply flick between pens quickly and safely. Also enables a second person to use another pen at the same time. Perfect for a parent and child or those wishing to pass on the skill to a friend.


The set includes:

  • The pyrography pen splitter. Built to last using the finest electrical components and housed in a premium grade steel unit
  • Two cradles built onto the machine to store the pens when not in use
  • Six spare nichrome wire nibs (five standard points in 25 SWG and one spoon tip in 23 SWG)
  • 1 metre coil of 25 SWG wire to make your own points

Designed for use with the Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine. Please note that a small loss of power can result when using two pens at once. Pen not included.

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