Elipse P3 Half Mask Respirator

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The Elipse P3 Half Mask Respirator carries the highest classification for a particulate filter. EN143 requires the efficiency to be at least 99.95%. The Elipse P3 Respirator achieved 99.98% at 0.3 micron.

It is perfect for everyday use from DIY and commercial construction through to the more demanding environments of metalworking, welding and stonemasonry. Replacement filters available.

• Elipse twin filter ready to wear half mask
• Latex and silicone free, lightweight TPE face piece that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time
• Low profile filters provide unobstructed field of vision
• Compatible with other PPE safety products including visors and welding helmets
• Approved to European Standard EN140: 1998. APF : 20

Silicone and latex free, odour free, non-allergenic materials have been used for the construction of the mask itself as well as the materials used in the construction of the filters.

The head strap has four adjustable locations for increased comfort and a protective head band at the rear. The compact design further reduces the risk of the mask interfering with the users line of vison, or with eye or ear protection that must also be worn.

A large area non-return exhaust valve has been utilised to provide low breathing resistance which in turn reduces wearer fatigue and the subsequent discomfort experienced by conventional masks. The mask is supplied with P3 filters as standard to provide maximum protection.

HESPA Filter Media
When development commenced none of the filter medias available met the requirements of the mask. Plenty of high efficiency pleatable medias were available, but none combined a sufficiently low pressure loss with the high enough efficiency that was required to provide the low-depth filter needed.

Thus, HESPA media: a high efficiency synthetic media with a low pressure loss – was developed to GVS Filter Technology specification. The HESPA media range has efficiencies from 99.95% to 99.999%, and has been shown to be more robust than the conventional glass and electrostatic media as used in respirator filters.

The Elipse Half-Face Mask and filters are 100% British manufactured.

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