Robert Sorby Deluxe Universal Sharpening System

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The Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (ref. 447) simplifies the sharpening of a wide range of woodworking tools. There are also some optional extra jigs which also make it ideal for roughing gouges and skew chisels. The System itself is adjustable for height and so can be used in conjunction with a 6", 7" or 8" bench grinder.

The Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (ref. 447) is the most popular option as it combines the best features of the Fingernail Profiler and the Universal Sharpening System (ref. 446). It is compact, flexible, solidly constructed and easy to use. It takes all the guesswork out of returning tools to a more usable condition.

Sharp tools make work so much more of a pleasure and take away a lot of frustrations. Always remember the key to good sharpening is little and often – do not wait until tools are blunt and practically unusable. Supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions.  In order to use the extra jigs an Adaptor Table (ref. 447JAT) needs to be fitted to the platform. The following jigs can be used with the system:

Fingernail profiler (included as standard with the deluxe universal sharpening system)

Standard gouge jig (requires jig adapter table)

Skew jig (requires jig adapter table)

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