Robert Sorby 7/8” Stebcentre 1MT

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  • Shipping Weight: 105g
  • Brand: Robert Sorby


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Robert Sorby's 7/8" Stebcentre 1MT is a lathe drive centre with several unique features. It uses razor sharp serrated teeth to grip the work piece, without the need for pre-marking the wood with the drive prior to putting it into the lathe.

The greatest benefit the Stebcentre has over any other drive available on the market is the spring-loaded centre point. Pressure can be applied so the wood can be driven with only the tip of the teeth biting, so that the turner can practice taking cuts with a skew for example with the knowledge that if a dig-in occurs the wood will stop turning without any danger. When more confidence is achieved for the more advanced turner the tailstock can be wound in so that the teeth give an extremely positive drive.


 Stebcenter - Introduction (1mb)

 Stebcenter - Eccentric Spindle Turning (3mb)

 Stebcenter - Multi-sided Bowl Turning (90mb)

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