Sjöbergs Workbenches

More than 75 years ago, the first Sjöbergs workbench was made at Broderna Sjöbergs in Stockaryd - Sweden. Their experience combined with skilled craftsmen, successful product development and precision in choosing the right materials has made them Europe's leading manufacturer. Today Sjöbergs benches can be found in workshops, factories, schools and homes all over the world.

We can confidently say that this is proof that Sjöbergs make workbenches that everyone can work with forever! A genuine Sjöbergs comes with a 10 year guarantee and is marked with their official brand on each worktop - a sign that you are buying a workbench that keeps its promises.

Sjobergs Anvil, Jaw Protectors & 2x Holdfasts (Package Deal)

Sjobergs Anvil, Jaw Protectors & 2x Holdfasts (Package Deal)

This package deal comprise the Sjobergs Universal Anvil, Holdfast ST03 (Twin Pack) and the Rubber/Cork Jaw Protectors for Sjbobergs ... more info
Sjobergs 3/4" Bench Dogs (x4)

Sjobergs 3/4" Bench Dogs (x4)

Sjobergs steel bench dogs have a plastic coating that helps protect edge tools. Reversible for thin work pieces. Supplied in a pack of 4, 19mm ... more info
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